Summer Memories of You

Elvira Yuzbay
1 min readSep 10, 2023
Photo courtesy of the author.

There’s something intoxicating about summer nights, as sweet as wine.

Those in which the sea breeze gently caresses my skin, reminding me of your touch. Soft, seductive. Unaware that with the tips of your fingers, you reveal it all — every feeling, every desire, every intention.

Your scent, carried by the breeze, brings along melodies of salt and pine. A fragrance that evokes memories of the days when we danced on the edge of time. Days when the world was ours to conquer.

Lifting my gaze, I see you — all of you.

With virtues and flaws, scars and wrinkles, each a tale etched in time, and lips that grace me with a smile even when the days seem dark.

But it’s your eyes that pull me in.

They are a world unto themselves. Profound, inviting obsidian depths. With a touch of green that gives them hope.

It is in them that I find myself lost, all while the waves rhythmically crash against the rocks.



Elvira Yuzbay

Translator, educator and artist with many interests. Exploring, embracing, and growing. 🌻